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Make a difference for local wildlife through a tax deductible donation toward our spring appeal!

Spring Wildlife CollageAs the buds on the trees swell and the warmth of the sun becomes stronger on our skin, wildlife begin turning their focus from winter survival to spring nesting. Amazingly after spending the winter thousands of miles away, "frozen" underground, or foraging and hunting for scarce food, our resilient wildlife are once again ready to build nests and raise young.

Roads, cars, domestic pets, fishing line, and pesticides add non-natural challenges to an already difficult feat. Center for Wildlife stands ready each year for an influx of injured and orphaned fledgling and baby wild animals.

Our typical case load grows from 100 to an average of 250 animals receiving care! During the week of June 8th, we admitted over 100 new patients! Examples of spring patients include:

  • A group of ducklings whose mother has been hit by a car as she frantically tries to move her babies through their territory
  • A nest of orphaned baby squirrels whose mother was caught by a domestic cat
  • A nestling great horned owl whose cavity nest and habitat were removed due to logging

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**Please see below to learn about joining our monthly giving Friends group, or our multi-year pledge Sustainability Society!

Donations can be mailed to: Center for Wildlife, PO Box 620, Cape Neddick, ME 03902.

Thank you for your support, with no state or federal funding we couldn't do it without you!

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The Center for Wildlife is funded almost entirely by donations and support from members of the community. We receive no state or federal funding as there is no government program or funding dedicated to the medical care of wild animals. Your donation helps support our core programs and services that provide medical care and inspire stewardship for local wildlife and the community. All donations are greatly appreciated and recognized.

Monthly Friends and Sustainability Society Programs!barred owl

Help us sustain our work and grow our programming...

We have many ways to get involved, and gifts through our monthly Friends Program or multi-year Sustainability Society allow us to ensure that we will be here for local wildlife into the future. It also allows us to focus our efforts on treating local wildlife, providing environmental education to the community, and addressing the needs for growth that comes with an increasing demand for services from the public.

How does it work?

  1. Contact Kristen (click here to email, or call: 207-361-1400) to discuss a monthly giving or 2-5 year pledge amount that will work for you
  2. Set up your payment option (we can do automatic charge, or set up a payment and reminder schedule)
  3. Receive your letter and record of donation for taxes at end of year
  4. Protect our local wildlife into the future!


**New** Annual Business Sponsorship flying squirrels

Announcing our new business sponsorship opportunities at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels! Your business can now support our work caring for over 1,600 injured animals, and providing assistance to over 12,000 callers to our Wildlife Assistance Hotline annually. Sponsor benefits include: release certificates for employees or clients, website, Face-book, and e-newsletter promotion, copies of our Ambassador Series children's books, a live animal presentation for your employees, and more. We'd love to team up with you!

Click here to learn more and register online today!

Click here to download our informational packet or to send in your sponsorship by mail

Planned Giving
Planned Giving- Zipper and Friend
Many people often consider donating through a charitable bequest or legacy gift, especially when the state of the economy can make monetary donations challenging. Charitable bequests not only help to fund our general operating expenses, but can offer long-term financial sustainability, and ensure that we can carry on our work for generations to come. In addition to bequests, it is possible to support the Center for Wildlife through:

  • Bequests (Gifts by Will)
  • Securities
  • Charitable-Lead Trusts
  • Charitable-Remainder Trusts
  • Life-Insurance Policies
  • Real Estate Gifts

For detailed information on our Planned Giving options please click here, or email us at


Medical Clinic and Education Center Capital Campaign

Learn more our become involved in our clinic expansion! Medical Clinic Sketch

Demand for Center for Wildlife's services continues to grow dramatically; caring for 100 injured or orphaned wild animals in 1986, to an average of 1,600 annually. We additionally provide a Wildlife Assistance Hotline to over 12,000 callers, environmental education programs to over 7,500 participants, and provide training and hands-on experience to over 20 interns and 100 volunteers each year from a 1,200 square foot building. This project will build a state-of-the art medical clinic and regional education center.

This multi-purpose facility's primary focus will be a state-of-the-art wildlife medical clinic and environmental education center dedicated to providing medical care to a population of animals that are under served in New England. In addition to improving the quality of care for thousands of wildlife patients, this project will allow Center for Wildlife to enhance its training and outreach programs for professional staff, volunteers, interns, local wildlife rehabilitators, and the public through improved training and laboratory space. Click here to view our Global Giving campaign and learn more about this project, or email Kristen for more information on how you can get involved.

Thanks to generous donations from the Red Acre, Baldwin, Martha Morse, and Knistrom Foundations, individual donors, a private estate gift, and Woodin & Co. Interior we have laid the groundwork toward our capital campaign!

Be a part of this milestone in our history by donating online below or mailing a check to:

Center for Wildlife, PO Box 620, Cape Neddick, ME 03902.


CLYNK for Crittersbird tracks

Support local wildlife and habitats in more ways than one! CLYNK is a Maine recycling company with a unique and innovative bottle redemption system offered exclusively in Hannaford supermarkets in Maine. Center for Wildlife now has a CLYNK account, and when you drop off your recycling you can donate all of the income from your returns to Center for Wildlife! All proceeds will go directly toward food and care for our many patients. Click here to learn how to get started today!


We have a new way of giving! Click on the logo to find out about our Wheels for Wildlife Program...

Wheels for Wildlife

Or, use any of the methods below to make a monetary donation. We couldn't do our work without you!

Donations can be mailed to: Center for Wildlife, PO Box 620, Cape Neddick, ME 03902.

Click on the Paypal icon below to make your preferred online donation, or call us at 207-361-1400 to make your donation over the phone today!

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Thank you for your support!

The Center for Wildlife is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.